United States: Donald Trump toughens refugee policy

Online Desk | January 29,2017 | 7:57 am

The US president signed a decree temporarily banning the arrival of citizens from seven Muslim countries. His decision aroused an outcry among the Democrats.

Just a week after settling in the White House, US President Donald Trump announced on Friday (January 27th) a serious tour of immigration and refugee affairs, with the stated goal To stop the possible entry into the American territory of "radical Islamic terrorists" . The US presidency issued a decree on Friday, entitled "Protecting the nation against the entry of foreign terrorists into the United States" .

At a pomp and ceremony at the Pentagon in honor of his new defense secretary James Mattis, Trump assured him that he was " putting in place new control measures to keep the United States out of the United States." Radical Islamic terrorists " .

"We do not want them here," said the 45th US president before military hierarchs gathered at the Ministry of Defense, a short distance from Washington.

"We want to be sure that we do not let the same threats to our country as our soldiers are fighting abroad. We will never forget the lessons of 9/11 . "
Syrian refugees banned from entry

According to the decree and its appendices distributed by the White House, the American authorities will prohibit for three months the arrival of nationals of seven Muslim countries: Iraq , Iran , Libya , Somalia , Sudan , Syria and Yemen . With the exception of their nationals holding diplomatic and official visas and working for international institutions.

Washington will also stop for four months the federal program of admission and resettlement of refugees from countries at war, all nationalities combined. An ambitious humanitarian program created in 1980 and only suspended once: three months after 9/11.

As for the Syrian refugees, who have fled the conflict in their country by millions, but of which only 18,000 have been accepted in the United States since 2011, they will be definitely forbidden to enter, until further notice.

For the fiscal year 2016 (October 1 , 2015 to September 30, 2016), the United States, then ruled by Barack Obama , had admitted 84,994 refugees from all over the world , including just over 10,000 Syrians . The Obama administration set itself the goal of accepting 110,000 refugees for fiscal year 2017. The Trump administration now targets "no more than 50,000" refugees this year.

Paul Ryan's support for the Democrats

"We are a compassionate nation and I support the refugee resettlement program, but it's time to re- evaluate and strengthen the visa verification process ," Republican House Leader Paul Ryan said. President Trump is right to make sure that we are doing all we can to know exactly who is entering our country. "

This decree provoked a rise of shields in the Democrats. "President Trump's cruel decree on refugees undermines our core values ​​and traditions, threatens our national security and demonstrates a total disregard for our strictest verification process, the most thorough in the world ," said Ben Cardin, a member of the Commission Of the Senate. This short-sighted policy is dangerous and will undermine our alliances and partnerships. "

"Do not get caught, it's about banning Muslims," said Democrat Kamala Harris. Since Friday, the hashtag #muslimban , has been taken over massively by the Net surfers to denounce the decree of Donald Trump.

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