What to remember about Donald Trump's first appeals to foreign leaders

Online Desk | January 29,2017 | 7:39 am

Donald Trump met with several leaders including Vladimir Putin, Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel on Saturday, January 27th, in the series of the first few days marking the beginning of his investiture. Telephone interviews that come after a controversial decree on immigration and the entry of refugees into the United States, already attacked in court .

Unfailing commitment of the United States to ensure the security of Japan:

Donald Trump initially spoke on Saturday with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to assure him of the "flawless" commitment of the United States for the security of Japan.

The Japanese Prime Minister will be received on 10 February in Washington by Donald Trump. The new defense secretary, James Mattis, will also travel "soon" to Japan, a longtime ally of the United States, the statement added.

Trump criticizes Germany:
He then called German Chancellor Angela Merkel with whom he spoke for 45 minutes, according to the White House spokesman. At the end of the meeting, the new US President and the German Chancellor highlighted "the fundamental importance of NATO ".

"The President and Chancellor are in agreement (to recognize ) the fundamental importance of NATO in a broader transatlantic relationship and its role in ensuring the peace and stability of our Atlantic community " The White House statement said, adding that Trump will travel to the G20 Summit in Hamburg in July and will soon receive the Chancellor in Washington .

A few days before taking office, he had strongly criticized Angela Merkel for committing "a catastrophic error" by opening his country to migrants in 2015.

Putin and Trump agreed to "develop" relationships "from peer to peer"
Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump agreed on Saturday to develop "peer-to-peer" relations by giving "priority" to the fight against terrorism. The two men agreed to set up a "real coordination" against the group Islamic state in Syria , said Saturday the Kremlin.

"On both sides has been expressed a willingness to work actively together to stabilize and develop Russian-American cooperation on a constructive, equal and mutually beneficial basis ," the Russian president said in a statement at the end Of the first telephone interview of the two heads of State since the assumption of office of the American president.

Holland warns Trump against "withdrawal"
For his part, President François Hollande warned Saturday evening his American counterpart against " withdrawal " . In a telephone interview, "the head of state warned against the economic and political consequences of a protectionist approach".

In particular, the Head of State stressed that, "faced with an unstable and uncertain world , withdrawal into oneself is a hopeless answer . " He also "reiterated his conviction that the fight for the defense of our democracies" was " effective " only "in accordance with the principles on which they are founded, in particular the reception of refugees" .

Mr Hollande also insisted on "the importance for the planet of the implementation of the Paris Convention on global warming" , which his counterpart wants to call into question.

Earlier in the day, Francois Hollande set the tone for the telephone conversation, declaring that Europe must "respond" with "firmness" to Donald Trump .

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