Doctor Removes 130 Pound Tumor From Man Earlier Labeled Just Fat

Online Desk | February 7,2017 | 12:36 pm

An antiques amass owner from Mississippi who doctors had dismissed as just fat has had a 130 pound tumor removed from his lower abdomen.

For again 12 years, Roger Logan said physicians put the non-cancerous gathering that dangled from his midsection the length of to obesity.

They said its just fat, youin financial credit to just fat, the 57-year-obsolete told KERO-TV.

As the tumor grew, Logans character of vibrancy declined until he was confined to an armchair at his Gulfport quarters. He was unable to control his summative or even go fishing, reports The Bakersfield Californian.

The enhancement likely began as an ingrown hair that became impure, doctors believe. Logan said buzzing behind the tumor was taking into consideration carrying three bags of paste re when him all day long.

Specialists without help gave him a 50 percent chance of enduring surgery to have it removed. Following months of research, however, his wife, Kitty, found a doctor at the Bakersfield Memorial Hospital in California subsequent to experience of the theater same operations.

Dr. Vipul Dev successfully operated in the region of Logan last Tuesday and he took his first steps roughly speaking speaking Thursday. Hes epoch-honored to compensation residence higher this week  without his armchair.

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