"Primary education, a recent creation, can only be irreproachable"

Online Desk | February 3,2017 | 3:19 pm

For Thomas Clay, the media runaway on the couac of communication during the first round of the primary on the left shows how much this vote modifies the French political life.

By Thomas Clay (President of the High Authority of Primary Citizens, Professor of Law)

The primary of the left knew no real difficulty of organization, apart from a couac of communication in the first round. This one is of course unpardonable, and has besides been hardly sanctioned. It's normal. It would be inappropriate to want to get rid of them.

But for the rest, whether it is the vote of more than 3.6 million people, on both rounds, holding more than 7,000 polling stations, collecting millions of euros paid, counting votes quickly Cyber ​​attacks, inclement weather (snow in Corsica, storm in French Polynesia), electronic voting by French nationals abroad, total absence of fraud, clear and undisputed results by the beaten candidates who recognize immediately Their defeat, and a meeting between the two finalists, all worked remarkably well.

However, there was this couac, not on the results but on their communication since we have alternated declared results and validated results, in a sequence, it is true, incomprehensible. It is a sign that we can not forgive the organization of a primary. One may find this unfair, but one can also be pleased with it: the primary has become so ingrained that it must be irreproachable.

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