Heres how you can mention fries in out of the secret ways

Dhaka | February 3,2017 | 10:38 am

Have you ever tasted chocolicious fries or strawberry fries? Well, you don't have to be a master chef to create them, and have enough maintenance a exchange zing to the humble snack, says an skillful.

Chef Tushar from McCain Foods India has listed rotate ways to create a hasty snack in minutes.

* Chocolicious fries: Ever tried these? Get the pack of out cold fries from your freezer and fry them for three minutes. Now, generously pour hot liquid chocolate and fold them in. We bet, the salty taste of fries folded in hot pleasurable chocolate sauce will manage to pay for you the much dreamt of serenity in cool weather.

* Strawberry fries: Yup, that's right! Fry your golden strips of delight for three minutes and fold them in dollops of strawberry syrup. You will experience the melt in the mouth goodness of salt and tang. Want to go a bit creative, sprinkle finely chopped fresh strawberries and astonishment your taste buds in imitation of occasional tangy granules.

* Cheesy fries: Fry them for three minutes. Sprinkle grated cheese in hot just-out-of-frying-pan fries. Watch the cheese melt and fold it in.

* Play by now Mayo: Take four spoons of mayo in four swap bowls. Add chilli garlic sauce to one, mustard sauce to second, mint sauce to third and lemon juice and garlic to fourth bowl. Voila! You've got four rotate flavoured mayo dips to smack your fries.

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