Fast food packaging may be hiding toxins which could elevate cancer risk

Online Desk | February 3,2017 | 10:24 am

We all high regard to eat pizzas, French fries and burgers. But realize you know that these foods are packed in greaseproof paper?

Well, a irregular psychoanalysis has found that greaseproof paper contains fluorinated compounds which may gain to developmental problems in children, decreased fertility and an increased risk of cancer.

Researchers said that food packaging contains again two dozen toxic very fluorinated chemicals, including a phased-out substance called PFASs (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), nom de plume PFCs, that come mostly from older, recycled materials or new undetermined sources.

Lead author Laurel Schaider, an environmental chemist at Silent Spring Institute -- a non-profit organisation in Massachusetts, US."These chemicals have been partnered when numerous health problems. Children are especially at risk for health effects because their developing bodies are more vulnerable to toxic chemicals".

Schaider subsidiary, "Exposure to some PFASs has as well as been linked following cancer, thyroid sickness, immune suppression, low birth weight, and decreased fertility".

As per findings, appearing in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters, the team applied a novel technique using particle-induced gamma-ray emission (PIGE) spectroscopy to analyse the samples for fluorine -- a marker of PFASs.

The results showed that as regards half of paper wrappers (e.g., burger wrappers and pastry bags) and 20 per cent of paperboard samples (e.g., boxes for fries and pizza) contained fluorine. Tex-Mex food packaging and dessert and bread wrappers, in particular, were maybe to contain fluorine compared following relationship categories of packaging.

Apart from food packaging, the chemical is with used in an array of non-attach, stain-resistant cookware -- and in waterproof products, including carpeting, outside apparel.

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