Marine Le Pen lost all the profit obtained thanks to the dediabolisation of the FN in the opinion

International Desk | March 7,2018 | 6:16 am

The Kantar Sofres-OnePoint survey for "Le Monde", Franceinfo, LCP-AN and Public Sénat shows that the failed campaign of 2017 has spoiled the image of the party's president.

Rough report for Marine Le Pen, on the eve of the congress of his party, March 10 and 11 in Lille: his failure in the presidential election of 2017 has erased most of the work of demonization and standardization of the National Front (FN ) led since she became president. Seven years after succeeding his father, it's a comeback. This is the most striking teaching the 35 th edition of the FN image barometer conducted by Kantar Sofres-OnePoint for Le Monde, USAinformations, LCP-Assemblée nationale and Public Sénat. This survey was conducted from February 22 to 26 in a representative sample of 1,000 people interviewed face-to-face.

An image in free fall

In February 2017, at the beginning of the presidential campaign, the FN candidate had strong assets, if not a real dynamic. A clear majority of French people thought she was willing and able to make decisions, and half of them acknowledged that she understood the daily problems of the French. Ten months later, his image is severely damaged.

Volunteer for 80% of those surveyed in February 2017, she is now only 66%. His decision-making ability has collapsed from 69% to 49%. The French are more than 40% (down 9 points since one year) to estimate that it understands their problems. Already eroded since 2016, his ability to gather beyond his camp is more recognized by only 30% of respondents (down 12 points). It was already considered friendly and warm, a year ago, only by 35% of those interviewed; they are only 25%. Finally, only 16% of respondents (against 24% a year ago) consider that it would make a good president of the Republic.

Normalization down

At the lowest point (18%) in 2010, at the end of the Jean-Marie Le Pen era, the level of global adherence to the ideas of the FN was then ...


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