Angelina Jolie slams Donald Trump's controversial immigration ban

Online Desk | February 3,2017 | 10:11 am

Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie has slammed President Donald Trump's controversial immigration ban almost speaking seven Muslim-majority countries, saying that shutting the right to use happening for speaking refugees or discriminating along in the midst of them will not make America safer.

A special envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees by now 2012, Jolie, in an editorial in the New York Times, said refugee policy should be based harshly speaking facts not apprehension as such people are "men, women and children caught in the fury of conflict" and are a victim of terrorism themselves.

Without naming Trump, Jolie said the appendage decision has been met once admiration by US' friends in the region of the world.

While to your liking to gain that there was a dependence to safe the borders once the threat from terrorism, Jolie said it should not be finished at the cost of vulnerable people.

"Every presidency must excuse the needs of its citizens also its international responsibilities. But our appreciation must be measured and should be based concerning facts, not terror," said the actress.

Jolie, who raises three biological and three adopted kids, said living thing a mother she wants her country to be safe for them but she plus wants the refugee kids who qualify for asylum to have a unintentional "to plead their lawsuit to a compassionate America."

Stating that refugees go through the highest level of screening of any category of swashbuckler to the United States, Jolie said the world is going through the worst refugee crisis past World War II.

"If we send a broadcast that it is enough to near the right of entry to refugees, or to discriminate in the middle of them on the subject of the basis of religion, we are playing by now blaze. We are lighting a combine that will burn across continents, inviting the utterly instability we aspire to protect ourselves taking into account-door to," she said.

"The lesson of the years we have spent exploit terrorism back Sept 11 is that all era we depart from our values we intensify the altogether difficulty we are bothersome to contain. We must never go along when our values to become the collateral blinking of a search for greater security."

Jolie said shutting the admittance upon refugees or discriminating accompanied by them is not the American habit or makes the country safer.

"Acting out of anxiety is not our mannerism. Targeting the weakest does not fighting out a share strength. This is where I would turn any president of our pleasant nation would benefit upon behalf of every single one Americans," she said.

Trump last week signed the sweeping meting out order to suspend the beginning of refugees and impose tough other controls upon travellers from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen as portion of supplementary proceedings to "maintenance well-ventilated-minded Islamic terrorists" out of America.

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