UNHCR says roughly 250 feared dead in Mediterranean shipwrecks

Online Deask | May 10,2017 | 8:16 am

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) says re 250 people are missing and feared dead like two shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea in recent days. UNHCR says one of its scarf agencies, the International Medical Corps, has reported a shipwreck off the Libyan coast coarsely Sunday from which 163 people are missing and feared dead. The UN agency says one woman and six men were rescued by the Libyan Coast Guard.

Separately, the agency says some 82 people are missing and feared dead after a rubber dinghy carrying 132 people sank after several hours of sailing. Some 50 survivors have been rescued and taken to Pozzallo, Sicily.

Overall, UNHCR said Tuesday that greater than 1,300 people have disappeared and are believed to have died though crossing the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa to Italy this year.

Spanish officials name that roughly 300 migrants have tried to scramble across the six-meter connect happening fence separating the north African enclave city Melilla from Morocco subsequently many throwing stones and tally objects at police.

Melilla's Interior Ministry office says most of the migrants have been pushed lessening by Spanish and Moroccan police, but about 100 managed to enter the city.

It said three officers and three migrants were treated for injuries along with than Tuesday's incident. One superintendent was uptight in the hand by one of the hooks used by migrants to climb the fence.

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