Fillon: "Lies, even if they were repeated," would never constitute a "half-truth"

Online Desk | February 3,2017 | 6:28 am

Traveling to the Ardennes on Thursday (February 2nd), the candidate of the right believed that he was attacked because of his program.

For his first trip out of Paris since the new revelations about the wages of his wife, François Fillon did not avoid talking about the affairs that enamelled his campaign. At a meeting in Charleville-Mézières on Thursday, February 2, the right-wing candidate evoked an "unhealthy agitation maintained every day by the microcosm" . Not surprisingly, the former prime minister denounced a planned plot against him, "unheard of under the Vth and even the Fourth Republic," according to his words. "These attacks do not come out of nowhere, they have been carefully prepared, simmered in the back kitchens of the pharmacies that will be discovered one day ," said the winner of the primary of the right in front of a thousand people.

On Wednesday, February 1 , François Fillon had already explained to the parliamentarians gathered at his headquarters that he was the victim of an "institutional coup" before targeting "the power" , "the left" . Thursday evening, during his public meeting, Francois Fillon spoke at length about the judicial and media climate by describing his "cold anger at all the pack that delights in this endeavor" .

The anger of a part of the electorate

According to the candidate of the right, he would be attacked because of his project . "If I were a bland candidate, this outburst would not take place. If my project was unclear, the hard work would not be there, " said the former prime minister who continues to assume that he has worked for his family : " You do not walk so hard without having people in your company You trust. "

In front of his sympathizers, he also spoke of the emotion provoked by these chain revelations about opinion: "I understand that these accusations disturb some of you, because of their pounding, because of the repetition skillfully presented as An accumulation of evidence, because of the sums advanced as well. (...) But falsehoods, even if they were repeated a hundred times, will never succeed in constituting a half-truth. One way to ask his militants not to let go . On Wednesday, Mr Fillon had already begged parliamentarians to hold a fortnight in hopes that justice would clear him within that time.

For business affects public opinion, especially among right-wing voters. François Fillon begins to drop in the polls. The candidate's team is fully aware of this. Returning from their constituency, parliamentarians alerted at the beginning of the week several relatives of François Fillon on the anger of a part of the electorate.

In denouncing a plot and a plot, François Fillon hopes to bring about a movement of solidarity behind him. It works with the strongest and most receptive base against a so-called "system". On Thursday night, before the speech, several journalists had verbal altercations with sympathizers. "You got it up , " said a man in front of several cameras.

«Fillon, resignation»

The objective of the candidate is to hold until he can get the message that there is fury. Wednesday, before the parliamentarians, Jean-Pierre Raffarin theorized this strategy: "Of course in this case, there will be a reflux. All doses at one time have overdoses, all excesses create at one time effects of pendulum. "

Nicolas Sarkozy had used the same method during the 2012 presidential election and during the primary campaign in the fall of 2016. He had only succeeded in radicalizing his base, but not in regaining the disappointment .

The atmosphere of Mr. Fillon's campaign is in any case perturbed by the context . With this trip to the Ardennes, the candidate was finally able to talk a little about his project. During a visit to a public utility house, he exchanged views with elected officials and explained how he wants to preserve the balance of the territories while reducing the number of civil servants by 500,000 jobs and making $ 100 billion Savings over the five-year period.

But when he arrived at his first visit, a rural nursery at Poix-Terron, he was also insulted by a man who shouted "Fillon, resignation . " The man was surrounded by the police. During his rally, a man shouted "Rotten" and was deported. To the journalists, the candidate then replied: "I feel like a man attacked on all sides but ready to defend himself . "

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