Venezuela censors Sony series on Chavez

Venezuela | February 3,2017 | 6:20 am

The series of 60 chapters produced by Sony on former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (1999-2013) was censored in Caracas on Tuesday (January 31st). The Venezuelan government has forbidden all cable operators to resume the signal of the Colombian channel RCN, which participated in the Latin American launch of the series entitled El Comandante: The Secret Life of Hugo Chavez .

The national telecommunications company Conatel acted "by order of the presidency" . "The international media can never overcome the revolutionary ideals" of Chavez, said Conatel. Many Venezuelans have thwarted the ban through an Internet connection.

The Sony series was written by the Venezuelan Moisés Naim, former Minister of Trade and Industry of the Social Democratic President Carlos Andres Perez in 1989-1990. The first chapter refers to the attempted military coup led by Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez on 4 February 1992. This date became a public holiday, celebrated by Chavismo. The "eternal commander" is also buried in a mausoleum inside the barracks of the Mountain, the headquarters of Chavez during the bloody putsch, which left at least 32 dead.

The government of Nicolas Maduro described the series as "trash to try to disfigure a true popular leader of the peoples of the Americas and the world" . The minister of culture, Adan Chavez, brother of the former president, announced the filming of a Venezuelan series, Chavez de verdad , with the help of Cuba.

Carlos Correa, director of the non-governmental organization Public Space, denounced the censorship of the Sony series: "We are faced with a deliberate censorship on the part of the government to prevent the Venezuelans from seeing the series. He wants to have the monopoly of historiography on Chavez . "

In the days before the broadcast, Captain Diosdado Cabello, number two in the regime, launched a campaign in his television program on the theme "Here we do not say evil of Chavez! " . The injunction is aimed particularly at civil servants who are threatened with losing their jobs at the slightest sign of dissatisfaction. The beneficiaries of the clientelism of the oil state are also called to be zealous and to denounce the deviants. Taxi drivers are expected to monitor their customers' conversations. They are all invited to put up a poster with the watchword.

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